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The aim of all the innovations we create is to improve people’s lives. Let’s explore the endless possibilities for technology to help society.

We are pleased to welcome you to an introduction to the Holst Centre community: Get to know the experts behind our innovations and be inspired by compelling speakers.

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The Holst Centre Innovation Day 2019 will be a full day of inspiring keynotes and interactive sessions. This is what you can expect:

Inspiring plenary program

Tapping into the world of societal challenges in healthcare, buildings, cities, energy and mobility. Together with our keynote speaker, Paul van Nunen, we discuss the impact they have on a region like Brainport Eindhoven.

Domain focused sessions

Together with keynote speakers from BMW, Jeroen Bosch Hospital, Spacewell and Cleantron amongst others, we explore trends and elaborate on the challenges for the Holst Centre technology roadmap.

Business meets technologies

Bring your questions, ideas and knowledge for an afternoon of interactive exchange.

Meet the experts

Get to know our experts while they show off the latest innovations and real-life demonstrations.

Why attend?

Over the years we have created new technologies, explored new markets and shaped long partnerships. We have developed into a mature innovation organization, with a lot of expertise that we want to share with you.

During the Holst Centre Innovation Day, we explore the important role technology plays in the daily lives of people. Bring your questions, ideas and knowledge, and participate in an inspiring discussion.

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Holst Centre Innovation Day 2019 is the ideal gateway to explore the smart technologies within Holst Centre’s application domains. We are honored to welcome compelling speakers, share our insights about the future and present our latest technologies.

John Baekelmans & Ton van Mol | Managing directors Holst Centre

09:30 | Your hosts for the day will take you on a journey through global societal challenges and next-generation electronics systems to address them.

Meet the experts

09:00 - 18:00 | Exciting showcases of Holst Centre research demos and prototypes.

Paul van Nunen | Director Brainport Development

10:00 | An inspirational talk about the impact that smart technologies, knowledge and innovation have on the Brainport region.


10:30 | Take time out for a cup of coffee, 'Meet the experts' to discover our latest innovations and connect with your fellow guests.

Smart energy | Parallel session 1.1

11:15 | As the world becomes more connected and digitized the demand for electricity grows. Together with guest speaker Maurice van Giezen, Managing director Cleantron, we explore sustainable energy creation and storage through technologies and production processes.

Smart cities | Parallel session 1.2

11:15 | Cities have always been hotbeds of creativity and change. That's why we look to urban centers to find solutions for the complex challenges we face today. In this session, we examine how cutting-edge technologies are used in today’s cities.

Lunch break

12:15 | After a morning full of information and inspiration, it's time for a sociable lunch. Don't forget to take a look at our demos.

Smart buildings | Parallel session 2.1

13:45 | The main reason for introducing IoT into buildings is to make them more sustainable and nicer places to live/work in. Be inspired by the Spacewell guest speaker, Steven Lambert, and Holst Centre technology pitches about smart buildings.

Smart health | Parallel session 2.2

13:45 | The ability to monitor our bodies unobtrusively and deliver medical-grade data in any setting will revolutionize healthcare. Find out how Inge Veltman of Jeroen Bosch Hospital sees the future and how our technologies help improve personal healthcare.

Smart mobility | Parallel session 2.3

13:45 | Smart mobility includes comfortable, safe transportation, and solves challenges like traffic jams and car accidents. Josef Schumann of BMW shares insights in how they realize this vision, followed by Holst Centre solutions for connected, driverless cars.

Interactive exchange

14:30 | After hearing about the trends and challenges in the areas of smart buildings, health and mobility, we consider what the best solutions might be. This interactive exchange is all about generating ideas that can inspire society.

Closing and drinks

16:00 | Through the course of the day, we will be discussing how to transform challenges and solutions into applicable technologies. Everything comes together during the closing session. Let's toast that!

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